Dr. Glen Blomstrom

Class year:



Waterbury, CT

College, medical school, other schools:

Undergraduate: University of Hartford; Medical School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Professional goals:

To be the real-life John Carter, M.D.

Areas of interest in Emergency Medicine:

International practice, EMS, simulation, administration, public health aspects, maybe critical care

Things done off the linear medicine track:

I did part time college while working full time in our family's construction business & as an EMT in Hartford, CT. Also was Associate Director of Community Center in Hartford.

Favorite thing about practicing Emergency Medicine:

Stimulating and interesting variety of work & patients, fast pace, high acuity.

Favorite thing about Yale:

People are truly interested in academics - whether research & development, constant improvement or simply engaging each other in a really good differential diagnosis. Yale has so many opportunities for advancing one's career goals, making connections/mentorship, seeing diverse & interesting pathology. New Haven is a great little city, just minutes away from the real city/center of the universe (New York). 


Gardening, hiking, drinking wine (with good food and company when possible), clarinetist, baritone vocalist, drinking pina coladas while taking walks in the rain on the dunes of the Cape.

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