Dr. Jennifer Davis

Class year:



Washington, GA

College, medical school, other schools:

Undergraduate: University of Georgia; Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Professional goals:

While I am not exactly sure what I want to do, I would love to incorporate teaching and international medicine into my future.

Areas of interest in Emergency Medicine:

International medicine

Things done off the linear medicine track:

During college and before starting medical school, I mastered the art of making a Presidente Margarita at Chili's, where I bartended and waited tables for seven years! I call EM "the waiting tables" of medicine.

Favorite thing about practicing Emergency Medicine:

Besides pondering the mechanics of the human body, each and every day I learn how fortunate I am and how great life is.

Favorite thing about Yale:

For someone like myself who really enjoys so many aspects of emergency medicine, Yale's opportunities to explore them are limitless! I was drawn here by the supportive faculty, who truly want us to achieve our dreams and become leaders. Ultrasound is such as important tool in the ED, and a dedicated month of training was a necessity for me when choosing a residency. I have always enjoyed resuscitations, which is why I was drawn to the various rotations through multiple critical care units. I wanted the chance to pursue international emergency medicine, which Yale has allowed me to do through our relationship with different international organizations. Lastly, I can't forget the food carts - nothing compares to lemon chicken on a sunny post call afternoon.


Sleeping, kayaking, watching movies, and reading

Random personal factoid:

I was a DJ at my hometown radio station - I even had my own bluegrass show, though I know nothing about bluegrass.

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