Dr. Mark Brady

Class year:


Hometown, college, medical school, other schools:

North Providence, RI; Providence College; Brown Medical School (a.k.a. The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University); Brown University, and the Harvard School of Public Health

Professional goals:

Build an academic career focusing on international health issues e.g. making diagnostic tests for the developing world.

Areas of interest in Emergency Medicine:

At this stage everything-that's why I went into it!

Favorite thing about practicing Emergency Medicine (or specifically Emergency Medicine at Yale):

It's got to be the faculty

Favorite thing about Yale:

It's got to be the faculty and the residents. The faculty has a wide range of research interests, especially in international health, and they'll work to facilitate whatever you're into. The residents are happy, competent, and interesting-interviewing and coming back for a second look that's really what put it over the top.


Random research and writing projects, biking, hiking, camping

Random personal factoid:

I hiked the Appalachian Trail with the name "Afterburner" - not because I was fast but because I had a little stove malfunction and left a mark on an unfortunate picnic table. Once worked at Papa Gino's at the old Foxboro stadium. Proponent of "power dancing".

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