Dr. Mary O

Class year:

Pearl River, NY

College, medical school, other schools:
Johns Hopkins University; University at Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Professional goals:
To leave a lasting impression.

Areas of interest in Emergency Medicine:
My areas of interest include EMS & disaster medicine, critical care, and medical student/resident education.

Things done off the linear medicine track:
I've been involved with EMS since I was sixteen.

Favorite thing about Yale:
I was first impressed by the high acuity of patients at Yale, the critical care training, exceptional ultrasound program, and opportunities to get involved in international health, but what really won me over were the people -- from the residents who share an amazing camaraderie, to the outstanding faculty who are genuinely dedicated to our education.

Running on Farmington Canal trail, hiking in the nearby parks, and discovering the great restaurants New Haven has to offer.

Random personal factoid:
My last name is just one letter, which has its advantages and its drawbacks; I run into obstacles nearly every time I try to register or purchase something online (most computerized forms require more than one character in the last name), but I was always the first one in class to finish filling out my name on those Scantrons!

Email address: