Dr. LeGrand Rogers


Mesa, AZ

Undergraduate Institution:

University of Utah


University of Utah School of Medicine


I enjoy most things outdoors; i.e.: mountain biking, skiing, camping, hiking, traveling, you name it. I also attempt to play guitar, but I am lucky to have a day job. I enjoy reading fiction, philosophy and anything about Utah sports. Above all, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Past life:

I once thought I was born to be a writer. So, I moved to Taiwan after college and taught English language courses to supplement an attempt to tap into international journalism. I was an opinion and arts journalist in college as well as a radio DJ.

Academic Interest:

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do: International Medicine. But, Yale has so many opportunities in research, EMS, policy, education, etc that I think I’ll have to try them all.

Favorite activities in New Haven:

I’m new to New Haven, but so far I dig going to the beach, hiking in the surrounding parks, the plethora of food options and hope to learn to sail.

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program:

I chose Yale for the incredible international opportunities, critical care training, peds, 2 busy EDs, the people I met during interviews and a chance to experience something totally different from my Southwestern life.

Random factoid:

The strangest day of my life involved a sea kayak, a storm, being stranded on an island in Thailand, a random British guy with a boat, glowing sea algae, a trip to a police station, a scooter vs truck wreck and a first aide kit in that order. Let your imagination run.

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