Renata Belfort De Aguiar MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchInternal Medicine: Endocrinology

Research Interests

Diabetes; Obesity; Metabolism more...


  • M.D., Federal University of Rio De Janerio, Brazil, 1993
  • M.S., Federal University of Rio De Janerio, Brazil, 2000
  • Ph.D., Federal University of Rio De Janerio, Brazil, 2004

Selected Publications

  • Belfort-Deaguiar R, Constable RT, Sherwin RS. Functional MRI signal fluctuations: a preclinical biomarker for cognitive impairment in type 2 diabetes? Diabetes 2014;63(2):396-8.
  • Page KA, Chan O, Arora J, Belfort-DeAguiar R, et al. Effects of fructose vs glucose on regional cerebral blood flow in brain regions involved with appetite and reward pathways. JAMA 2013;309:63-70
  • Gulanski BI, De Feyter HM, Page KA, Belfort-Deaguiar R, RS, et al. Increased Brain Transport and Metabolism of Acetate in Hypoglycemia Unawareness. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2013:3811-20



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