Our Clinicians

Our physicians are nationally recognized experts who are board-certified in occupational and environmental medicine. Our unique clinical team includes a certified industrial hygienist with expertise in the evaluation and prevention of potentially hazardous exposures in the workplace and home environment. For more information on our outstanding clinical staff, please see below:

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Amy Marie Ahasic

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary)

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Mridu Gulati

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary and Occupational Medicine)

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Rafael Yitzhak Lefkowitz

Instructor in Medicine (Occupational Medicine)

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Carrie A Redlich

Professor of Medicine (Occupational Medicine)

Director, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program

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Mark Bernard Russi

Professor of Medicine (Occupational Medicine) and of Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Director, Occupational Health Services, Yale-New Haven Hospital

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Carine Joseph Sakr

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Occupational Medicine)

Program Director, Yale Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program

Chief Occupational Health Services VA Connecticut Healthcare System

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Martin David Slade

Lecturer in Medicine (Occupational Medicine) and in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

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Meredith H Stowe

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (Occupational Medicine) and Lecturer in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

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Adam V Wisnewski

Senior Research Scientist in Medicine (Occupational Medicine)