Sampada Acharya, MD

Clinical Fellow in Medicine (Rheumatology)

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Dr. Acharya trained at a Yale affiliated hospital in internal medicine, before becoming a rheumatology fellow in July 2013. She was a stellar clinical fellow, and upon completion of her clinical training, she joined AR07107 in July 2015, working with Dr. Craft on analysis of human follicular helper and regulatory cells in SLE.

Dr. Acharya joined Dr. Craft’s lab to begin working on understanding the role of Tfh cells in lupus. The latter cells provide B cells with survival and differentiation signals, which in turn are responsible for high affinity antibody, memory B cells, and plasma cell development and production. In particular, emerging literature is being published about T follicular regulatory cells (Tfr cells), which have shown to regulate Tfh cells. Dr. Acharya is examining the circulating version of these cells, called cTfr cells, as a window of opportunity to better understand their role in SLE. During past year, Dr. Acharya has gathered numerous clinical samples, and analyzed their phenotype by flow cytometry, as well as determined their secretome by single cell assays, and begun to analyze their transcriptional profiles, studies that are all ongoing.She has also completed a significant course load, including IMED 645, Introduction to Biostatistics; IMED 625, Principles of Clinical Research (clinical and translational study design); and IMED 630, Ethical and Practical Issues in Clinical Investigation, along with Immunobiology 530a: Biology of the Immune System. The development of the immune system. She has also had formal training in laboratory techniques.

Education & Training

MD College of Medical Sciences, Nepal (2007)
Residency Danbury Hospital

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