Daniel Pelletier MD

Professor of Neurology and of Diagnostic Radiology; Chief, Multiple Sclerosis Center and Neuro-Immunology Division; Director, Yale Clinical Neuroscience Imaging Center (CNIC)

Departments & Organizations

Diagnostic Radiology

Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology | Pelletier Lab


  • B.A., Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1985
  • M.D., Universite Laval, 1994

Selected Publications

  • Pelletier D and Hafler DA; “Fingolimod in Multiple Sclerosis”; New England Journal of Medicine 2012 Jan;366:339-47.
  • Okuda DT, Srinivasan R, Oksenberg JO, Goodin D, Waubant E, Leppert D, Zamvil SS, Lincoln R, Qualley P, George M, DeLoa C, Gomez R, Caillier S, Wang J, Cree BAC, Hauser SL and Pelletier D; “Genotype-Phenotype correlations in multiple sclerosis: HLA genes influence disease severity inferred by 1HMR spectroscopy and MRI measures”; Brain 2009 Jan;132(Pt 1):250-9.
  • Baranzini SE, Srinivasan R, Khankhanian P, Okuda DT, Nelson SJ, Matthews PM, Hauser SL, Oksenberg JR, and Pelletier D; “Genetic Variation influences Glutamate Concentrations in Brains of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis”; Brain 2010 Sept;133(Pt 9):2603-2611.


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