Franklin C. Brown PhD, ABPP-CN

Assistant Professor of Neurology

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchNeurologyNeuropsychological Services | Epilepsy ProgramNeuropsychological and Psychological Assessment Service

Research Interests

Visual memory; Alzheimer's Disease; Cognitive effects of medication; Multiple Sclerosis; Epilepsy; Vascular Disease more...


  • B.A., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, 1994
  • M.A., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, 1996
  • Ph.D., Louisiana Tech University, 2002

Selected Publications

  • Brown, F. C., Westerveld, M., Langfitt, J. T., Hamberger, M. Hamid, H, Shinnar, Shlomo, Sperling, M. R., Devinsky, O., Barr, W., Tracy, J., Masur, D., Bazil, C. W., Spencer, S. S. Influence of anxiety on memory performance in temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsy and Behavior 2014, 31C: 19-24
  • Brown, F. C., Katz, L. J., Roth, R. M. Beers, S. R. The relationship of self-reported subclinical Obsessive-Compulsive symptoms and impulsivity among adults with AD/HD. Psychiatry Research: In Press
  • Katz, L. J., Brown, F. C. Roth, R. M., & Beers, S. R. Processing Speed and Working Memory Performance in those with both ADHD and a Reading Disorder compared to those with ADHD alone. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology 2011 17:215-220.



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