Referrals and Appointments

Refer a Patient to Neurosurgery

  • Demographics of the patient, such as name, address and phone number
  • Insurance information
  • Details about the nature of the problem
  • Pertinent records, clinic notes and scan reports (head circumference for pediatric patients)

Make an Appointment

EpilepsyDr. Dennis Spencer(203) 785-4891
Functional and StereotacticDr. Kenneth Vives(203) 785-5765
Gamma Knife/ RadiosurgeryDr. Veronica Chiang(203) 785-2808
Neuro-Oncology, SurgicalDr. Joseph Piepmeier(203) 785-2791
Neuro-Oncology, MedicalDr. Joachim Baehring(203) 785-7284
NeuropsychologyDr. F. Scott Winstanley(203) 764-9052
NeurovascularDr. Murat Gunel(203) 737-2096
EndovascularDr. Ketan Bulsara(203) 737-2096
SpineDr. Khalid Abbed(203) 785-2807