CytoPlex—Multiplex-Core Facility

Cytokine Detection and Quantification

Cytokines are important cell signaling proteins, mediating a wide range of physiological responses, including immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis. They are also associated with a spectrum of diseases ranging from tumor growth to infections to Parkinson’s disease. Cytokines are typically measured either by bioassay or immunoassay.Both techniques are time consuming and can facilitate the analysis of only a single cytokine at a time. For analysis of multiple cytokines, traditional methods can be time consuming, may require large sample volumes and can be very expensive.


Multiplex System for a better and easier Detection—No more ELISAs!

A new multiplex assay for the analysis of multiple proteins in a single well has been pre-tested in our laboratory and is now being offered as a service core. This suspension array system uses multiplexing technology that may one day include up to 100 color-coded bead sets, each of which can be conjugated with a different specific reactant. Each reactant is specific for a different antibody. These reactants are used to create a capture sandwich immunoassay the same as in ELISA assays. The constituents of each well are drawn up into the flow-based Bio-Plex array reader, which identifies each specific reaction based on bead color and can simultaneously quantitate up to all of the protein targets in sera, automatically analyzes samples and increases the amount of useful data per sample.

Cytokine panels available:

  • Human: We offer a 17-plex human cytokine panel that includes: IL-1 beta, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12(p70), IL-17, G-CSF, GM-CSF, IFN- gamma, MCP-1, MIP-1 alpha, MIP-1 beta, RANTES, TNF-alpha, VEGF, GRO-alpha, and IP-10
  • Mouse: We now offer a 23-plex mouse cytokine panel that includes: IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-2, IL-3, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6,IL-9, IL-10, IL-12 (p40), IL-12 (p70), IL-13, IL-17, Eotaxin, G-CSF, GM-CSF, IFN-gamma, KC, MCP-1, MIP-1 alpha, MIP-1 beta, RANTES, and TNF-alpha
  • Custom: Please inquire for further details
  • source: cytokines can be evaluated from either human or mouse sera, cell supernatant or cell lysate. 
  • volume:only a small sample volume, 65ul, is required for serum, cell supernatant, or cell lysate.


  • full service $55.00/sample
    • core facility purchases kit of interest, performs assay, reads plate, and sends analysis
  • plate analysis only $25.00/sample
    • for machine use only*; customer purchases kit, performs assay, and ONLY uses machine to read plate 
      • *= user must be familiar with or trained on luminex system


  • print and fill out cytoplex order form 
  • please email complete form to 
  • upon confirmation of order, a follow up email will be sent to schedule assay along with further details


In vivo Imaging

In Vivo Imaging

The In-Vivo Multispectral FX PRO features automated image capture of multispectral images including fluorescence, X-ray, and white light. These images can then be spatially co-registered for improved localization of biomarkers in vivo. The enhanced sensitivity enables identification and separation of multiple fluorophores and removal of autofluorescent background. Visit for more information.

The Multimodal Animal Rotation System (MARS) automatically rotates a mouse the desired angles(s) to capture all relevant molecular and anatomical information with 360-degree coverage. MARS rotation software enables co-registration and visulaization of multimodal and multispectral data sets. The MARS allows for quantification of an image at the perfect right angle or exportation of the rotation series as a video file. Visit for more information

All prices are listed as per hour of use for Yale customers 


a) Initial instrument training (1 hour, required) $50 

b) Operation without technical assistance $70 

c) Operation with technical assistance $145 

Please note: 

1. Non Yale users cannot be accommodated due to IACUC limitations. 

2. This imager is equipped to handle mouse species only. 

3. Our facility is equipped to handle up to and including BL2 hazards. All hazards must be disclosed on request form prior to use and are subject to approval. It is important to note that once animals have been used in the core imaging facility, you must check YARC and IACUC regulations to determine if your animals may return to your YARC facility. 

4. Use of the imager can begin at 9:00am and must finish by 4pm, weekdays only. 

5. Upon completion of a brief initial training, users will be responsible for imaging independently unless it is indicated that you require technical assistance (additional $75 per hour).

6. Time must be scheduled the week before use.

please click here for order form. For additional questions or to send completed order form please email Natalia Sumi

Drug Screening

We offer either an in vitro or in vivo model for drug screening. Both models cover multiple targets of potential therpeutics. 

For more information please download this form or contact ayesha alvero

pictures represent our in vivo and in vitro tumor model