Selected Publications

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Larner JM, Pahuja SL, Shackleton CHL, McMurray WJ, Giordano G, Hochberg RB The Isolation and Characterization of Estradiol-Fatty Acid Esters in Human Ovarian Follicular Fluid: The Identification of an Endogenous Long-Lived and Potent Family of Estrogens. J.Biol.Chem. 268:13893-13899 (1993).

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Synthetic Steroids

Labaree DC, Hoyte RM, Nazareth LV, Weigel NL, Hochberg RB 7f¿-iodo and fluoro steroids as androgen receptor mediated imaging agents. J.Med.Chem. 42:2021-2034 (1999).

Garg PK, Labaree DC, Hoyte RM, Hochberg RB [7-18F]fluoro-17-methyl-5-dihydrotestosterone: A ligand for Androgen Receptor Mediated Imaging of Prostate Cancer. Nucl.Med.Biol. 28:85-90 (2001).

Labaree DC, Reynolds TY, Hochberg RB Estradiol-16f¿-carboxylic Acid Esters as Locally Active Estrogens. J Med Chem 44:1802-1814 (2001).

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