Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Karen Santucci studies forensic medicine, particularly as it applies to the pediatric urgent patient. She performs educational research and she is also the Director and Section Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
  • Dr. Linda Arnold studies and develops the international medicine program in Grenada. The Grenada excursions provide opportunities for faculty and residents to experience the Grenadian healthcare system, and to educate their healthcare providers. Dr. Arnold also researches resident education and hypnosis in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
  • Dr. Marc Auerbach specializes in medical simulation and skills development in trainees.
  • Dr. Carl Baum investigates toxins and their effect on pediatric patients, with a particular interest in environmental toxicology. He is part of the national terrorism hospital preparedness program/regional surge capacity of victims of terrorism for the Yale-New Haven Health System. Dr. Baum is also the director of the Yale Lead Program.
  • Dr. Kirsten Bechtel specializes in forensic medicine, with expertise in child abuse. Dr. Bechtel is the medical director of the Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program. This program consists of trained experts in proper collection of forensic evidence from such patients, and has greatly enhanced the accuracy of their assessment. She also studies the evaluation of accidental and abusive head injury in children, the use of biomarkers in clinical practice, and the evaluation of young infants with fever.
  • Dr. Lei Chen evaluates the use of bedside ultrasound technology in the diagnosis of urgent pediatric conditions and disorders. This developed technology has enhanced healthcare delivery to our patients. He is also very active in the field of medical simulation. Dr. Chen directs the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship and PEM Research.
  • Dr. Allen Hsiao is interested in the role of medical informatics in the pediatric emergency room and has been named Director of Medical Information Systems at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He also researches the levels of carboxyhemoglobin in (carbon monoxide in the blood of) young infants. Dr. Hsiao evaluates the utility of point-of-care bedside blood testing in the pediatric emergency room.
  • Dr. Melissa Langhan is interested in end tidal carbon dioxide and asthma research. She is also the associate director of the fellowship.
  • Dr. Antonio Riera is evaluating the use of bedside ultrasound technology as a diagnostic tool in the pediatric emergency department. His is also interested in researching language barriers and ethnic/racial differences and their effect on the provision of emergency care.
  • Dr. David Walker specializes in the management of headache in children, quality and safety and global health issues
Several of our subspecialty fellows have been involved in respiratory viruses, forensic medicine, respiratory illnesses and quality and safety issues.