Angela Badaru MD, MRCP

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology

Departments & Organizations

Pediatrics: Pediatric Endocrinology


  • M.B.B.S., University of Lagos College of Medicine, 1991

Selected Publications

  • 1. Badaru A, Klingensmith G, Beaver D, Lauer A, Dolan L, Linder B, Mayer-Davis EJ, Lawrence JM, Marcovina S, Dabelea D, Imperatore G, Pihoker C : Correlates of Treatment Patterns Among Youth with Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes Care, Sept 2013 2. Shankar R, Pihoker C, Dolan L, Standiford D, Badaru A, Dabelea D, Rodriguez B, Black M, Imperatore G, Hattersley A, Ellard S, Gilliam L: Permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus: prevalence and genetic diagnosis in the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study: Pediatric Diabetes, Oct 2012 . 3. Pihoker C, Badaru A, Anderson A, Morgan T, Dolan L, Dabelea D, Imperatore G, Linder B, Marcovina S, Mayer-Davis E, Reynolds K, Klingensmith GJ; for the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study Group: Insulin Regimens and Clinical Outcomes in a Type1 Diabetes Cohort, The SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth study: Diabetes Care, Sept 2012 4. Adam M, Fechner P, Ramsdell L, Badaru A, Grady R, Pagon R, McCauley E, Cheng E, Parisi M, Shnorhavorian M. Ambiguous Genitalia: What prenatal Diagnosis is practical?: Am J Med Genet A, June 2012 5. Badaru A, Pihoker C. Type 2 Diabetes in Childhood: Clinical Characteristics and Role of Beta cell Autoimmunity: Current Diabetes Reports: Feb 2012; 12 75-81 6. Badaru A, Wilson D, Bachrach L, Neely K. Sequential Comparisons of One-Month and Three-Month Leuprolide Regimens in Central Precocious Puberty: JCEM: 2006; 91:1862-1867, May 2006. 7. Badaru A, Wilson D. Alternatives to Growth Hormone Stimulation Tests in Children: Trends in: Endocrinology and Metabolism: 2004; 15 No 6: 252-258, Aug 2004.


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