Alan S Lewis

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Research Interests

animal models;aggression;nicotine;nicotinic acetylcholine receptors;ion channels;neurodevelopmental disorders; autism spectrum disorder; schizophrenia more...


  • B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2005
  • Ph.D., The Graduate School, Northwestern University, 2010
  • M.D., Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Med, 2012

Selected Publications

  • Picciotto MR, Lewis AS, van Schalkwyk GI, Mineur YS (2014) Mood and anxiety regulation by nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: a potential pathway to modulate aggression and related behavioral states. Neuropharmacology. In press.
  • Lewis AS, Picciotto MR (2013) High-affinity nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression and trafficking abnormalities in psychiatric illness. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 229:477-485.
  • Lewis AS, Schwartz E, Chan CS, Noam Y, Shin M, Wadman WJ, Surmeier DJ, Baram TZ, Macdonald RL, Chetkovich DM (2009) Alternatively spliced isoforms of TRIP8b differentially control h channel trafficking and function. Journal of Neuroscience 29:6250-6265.



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