Yale Department of Psychiatry Activity Map : Nigeria

Theddeus Iheanacho

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Medical Director, CTI/HUD-VASH Program, Errera Community Care Center, VA Connecticut Health Care System

Enugu, Nigeria (2013)

Integrating mental health interventions into routine Church-based activities
Training lay church workers and clergy to deliver evidence-based mental health treatments in churches

Owerri and Ibadan, Nigeria (2011)

Psychiatric Education and Mental Health Service Development In Nigeria
Psychiatric education for medical trainees in Owerri and Ibadan, Nigeria. Mental health services development in Nigeria

Carla Marienfeld

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Owerri and Ibadan, Nigeria (2011)

Trainee Attitudes in Nigeria
Medical education in psychiatry and assessment of trainee attitudes about mental health