Yale Department of Psychiatry Activity Map : Malaysia

Marek Chawarski

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

George Town and Kota Bharu, Malaysia (2010)

Research and training collaboration in substance abuse treatment with Universiti Sains Malaysia
Collaborative research and training programs aimed to develop treatments for opiate and amphetamine type stimulants disorders

Malaysia (2008)

Heroin Dependence
Professor Schottenfeld has established research projects in Malaysia and Iran which are aimed at evaluating treatments for heroin or other opiate dependence and are comparing the efficacy of maintenance treatment with buprenorphine or naltrexone.

Michael Pantalon

Senior Research Scientist in Emergency Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Malaysia (2008)

Heroin Dependence
Projects in Malaysia and Iran aimed at evaluating treatments for heroin.

Richard Schottenfeld

Professor of Psychiatry

Malaysia (2010)

Malaysia, Iran, HIV, Drug abuse, Opioid, Cocaine
Improving Efficacy of Drug Abuse Treatment

Malaysia (2010)

Malaysia, Heroin, HIV
Drug Counseling and Abstinent-Contingent Take Home Buprenorphine in Malaysia

Muar, Malaysia (2001  - 2014)

Opioid Dependence
We have developed a program of clinical research aimed at evaluating, improving and disseminating cost-effective treatments for heroin or other opioid dependence in Malaysia, Iran, and China.