Yale Department of Psychiatry Activity Map : Peru

Luis Anez

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Hispanic Services, Connecticut Mental Health Center

Lima, Peru

Bedregal, L., Paris, M., Añez, L. & Davidson, L. (2003, July). Enhancing treatment access and adherence among women of Hispanic origin living in the U.S.: The roles of relationships and cultural responsiveness in behavioral healthcare. Conference presentation at the XXIX Interamerican Congress... 

Luis Bedregal

Lecturer in Psychiatry

Ayacucho, Peru (2005)

Ayacucho Mental Health Project
Pro-bono consultation and supervision on behavioral health treatment for people in the Andean region of Peru that are affected by addictions and mental health disorders.

Carla Marienfeld

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Peru (2008)

Yale Global Mental Health Program - Resident Mentored Projects
Places were residents participating in the Yale Global Mental Health Program have done mentored projects.

Alfredo Massa

Lecturer in Psychiatry

Lima, Peru

In charge of an exchange program between the department of Psychiatry and Peru