Nadia Ward PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Selected Publications

  • Strambler, M.J., Ward, N.L. and Linke, L.H. The Contribution of Community Psychology to the Field of Education. In APA Handbook of Community Psychology, eds. M.A. Bond, C.B. Keys, and I. Serrano-Garcia, APA Books, Washington, D.C. (in press).
  • Ward, N.L., Strambler, M.J., Linke, L.H., Increasing educational attainment among urban minority youth: A model of university, school and community partnerships. Journal of Negro Education, 82(3), 312-325, 2013
  • Strambler, M.J., Linke, L.H., Ward, N.L., Academic identification as a mediator of the relationship between parental socialization and academic achievement. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 38(1), 99-106, 2013.
  • Ward, N.L., Linke, L.H., Understanding Adolescent Health Risk Behaviors from a Prevention Science Perspective. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 39:53-56, 2011.
  • Ward, N.L., Woods, L.N., Crusto, C.A., Strambler, M.J., Linke, L.H.. Creating a safe space to learn: The significant role of graduate students in fostering educational engagement and aspirations among urban youth. The Community Psychologist, 44(1), 33-36, 2011.
  • Gordon, D.M., Iwamoto, D.K, Ward, N.L., Potts, R., Boyd, E. Mentoring urban black middle school male students: Implications for academic achievement, Journal of Negro Education, 277-289, 2009.
  • Ward, N. L. Improving equity and access for low-income and minority youth into institutions of higher education. Urban Education Review, 41(1), 50-70, 2006.
  • Kaufman, J.S. & Ward, N.L. From Swampscott to beyond: 40 years of community psychology. The Community Psychologist, 38(4), 25-36, 2005.
  • Ward, N. L., Crusto, C.A., Gordon, D.M. The promise of systemic school reform to address educational disparities among low-income and minority youth. The Community Psychologist, 35 (2), 23-24, 2002.
  • Pruett, M., Davidson, L., McMahon, T., Ward, N.L., Griffith, E. Comprehensive services for at-risk urban youth: Applying lessons from the community mental health movement, Children’s Services: Social Policy, Research, and Practice, 3(2), 63-83, 2000.


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