Mood Disorders Research Program

Mood Disorders Research Program

A: amygdala, H: hippocampus, V: ventral prefrontal cortex, C: cingulate cortex

Hilary P. Blumberg
The John and Hope Furth Professor of Psychiatric Neuroscience, and Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and in the Child Study Center
Director, Mood Disorders Research Program


The Yale Mood Disorders Research Program (MDRP) is dedicated to understanding the science of mood disorders, including bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness) and depression. The MDRP brings together a multi-disciplinary group of scientists from across the Yale campus in a highly collaborative research effort. We use a wide variety of scientific methods to study how genetic and environmental factors affect the brain and lead to the development of mood disorders. Goals of the MDRP include the identification of biological markers for mood disorders and discovery of new treatment strategies. We hope that these research efforts will lead to new and improved methods for early detection and treatment, and someday prevention, of mood disorders.

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Research Portfolio:

  • State-of-the-Art Brain Scanning (including MRI, fMRI, DTI) 
  • Genetics
  • Behavior and Cognition 
  • Treatment
  • Stress
  • Women and Mood Disorders 

Who is eligible to participate in research?

  • Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder
  • Adults with Bipolar Disorder
  • Family members of individuals with Bipolar Disorder
  • Adolescents with depression
  • Healthy adolescents and adults to study healthy brain development
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For more information about MDRP research programs, or if you would like to participate in one of the studies, please call Susan Quatrano at 203-785-7875 or Philip Markovich at 203-737-2868.

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