See What Other Patients Have To Say About Their Care

Joshua: Spina Bifida Success Story

Joshua Toro, an 18-year-old high school student, enjoys spending time with his friends, but he would often say no to going out with them. That is until a recent surgery with Dr. Hittelman of Yale Urology gave him the freedom to say yes.

Kate: Incontinence Success Story

Many people believe that incontinence is only a geriatric condition. While it is most common with age and more likely to affect women, incontinence can happen to anyone, at any age. Kate experienced that firsthand, when she was diagnosed at only 46.

Rick: Bladder Cancer Success Story

In 2003, at just 55 years old, Rick was not thinking about retiring from his career at GE Electric Boat, where he’d worked for 31 years, but one day at work would change his life forever. It was a typical work day in November, until he used the restroom and saw significant amounts of blood in his urine.

Jane: Urinary Incontinence Success Story

Urinary incontinence can not only be frustrating, it can also negatively impact almost every aspect of a woman’s life. Jane Judson, who was originally diagnosed with urinary incontinence in her late 40s, felt the impact of her condition in her daily life.