Profile System Instructions

To better assist administrators manage organization membership lists and edit faculty profiles, the Web Planning Group has begun developing a series of videos and instruction guides. Please email to request additional or more detailed instructions.  

Faculty Profile Instructions

This short walkthrough of the faculty profile system will answer most questions faculty members will have about editing their profiles:

The following instructions can be used by YSM departmental profile system editors who have administrative access to edit one or more organizations within the profile system:

Profile Display Logic

Profile Tabs
Public profile displays can widely vary based on the information in the faculty's profile on To generate profiles that look "complete", logic is applied to the layout. The following explains the logic that determines when the various information tabs display.


Editing Organization Memberships

Administrators have the ability to determine which faculty members appear on the faculty listing pages on their websites. However, membership in academic departments and membership in all other organizations are treated differently in the Faculty Profile Project (FPP).


Edit a Faculty Profile

To edit your profile, either:

  1. Visit and click the Edit a Profile... button to edit your profile, or...
  2. Click the Edit this profile... link at the bottom of your profile when it appears on a YSM website.